Creative Salvage Furniture Cut and Shut

Creative Salvage FurnitureCreative Salvage FurnitureCreative Salvage Furniture

Creative Salvage exploded with a bang out of London in the 1980s. It was furniture unlike anything ever seen before having been forged from junkyard finds, scrap metal and recycled building materials, often with little more than youthful intuition and a spot welder.

Car parts, railings, scaffolding poles, barbed wire, electric cooker elements, concrete, sheet steel and glass shards were all pressed into the service by a bunch of largely untrained enthusiasts who transferred the anarchic energy of London’s underground party scene into some of the most radical furniture ever made.

Cut and Shut: The History of Creative Salvage documents these early pieces, made by some of Britain’s most visionary designers, and tells in their own words the story of Joe Rush, Tom Dixon, Mark Brazier-Jones, André Dubreuil, Ron Arad, Danny Lane and Jon Mills.